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Real Change for Farmers and Our Planet

We carefully select our coffees based on country of origin, the living conditions of farmers and labourers, the coffee growing terroir, and the best post-harvest practices. Here at home, we are meticulous about roasting and packaging in 100% recyclable aluminum cans. All this ensures sustainability for farmers, traders, and a great cup of coffee for consumers.

Fully recyclable packaging

We meticulously craft-roast our coffee beans and package them in air-tight recyclable aluminum cans. Good for the beans and the planet.

Better pay for farmers

We pay farmers a fair and sustainable price for their coffee. Because we do, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Less water during processing

We believe responsible use of water in coffee processing is vital to a healthy ecosystem. Try our sun-dried naturals. They taste pretty great.

Sustainable coffee is more than a buzzword, it’s a necessity if we are serious about living in a healthy planet.

— Hugo Ciro
Four images in a grid displaying the process of adding coffee beans to the aluminum can packaging.

Our Can

Fresher Coffee

We craft-roast our coffee beans and package them in airtight, fully recyclable aluminum cans. Our can locks in flavour to preserve peak freshness until you're ready to open it. Good for the beans and the planet.

Fully Recyclable

Aluminum is one of the most recycled and recyclable materials on earth. Nearly 75% of all aluminum products come from recycled aluminum. We ease our impact on the environment by using endlessly recyclable aluminum cans.

Amazing Coffee

We buy coffee from smallholder farmers through our long-term trusted trade relationships, paying the best price for their coffee. Here at home, we are meticulous about roasting. This ensures sustainability for farmers and traders as well as a great cup of coffee for you.

What our customers think

Thanks for making amazing coffee!

"A friend gifted your coffee to us a while back and we were hooked instantly! I had a hard time going back to my Nespresso 😅 Thanks for making amazing coffee! Looking forward to receiving the order soon!

— Happy Customer - Victoria, BC

I really enjoy your coffee!

"Looking forward to getting my order :). My husband picked up some of your coffee from a Christmas Market and is really enjoying it. It's been a while since I've heard him say he really enjoyed his coffee--you've clearly got a good thing going! Thanks again"

— Happy customer - Victoria, BC Canada


"Going through Steadfast now. Also awesome!! Not sure which I like better (Renewal or Steadfast)!!! Both fantastic!"

— Happy customer - Surrey, BC Canada

Great coffee!

"Your coffee is definitely my favorite!"

— Happy customer - Los Angeles Area, CA

: ) !

"I like all y'alls coffee :)"

— Happy customer - Vancouver, BC Canada

Amazing product!

"Amazing branding; delicious coffee!"

— Happy customer - Bogotá, Colombia

Amazing coffee!

"Thanks for making amazing coffee!"

— Happy Customer - Victoria, BC

Love the coffee!

"Your products and your service are fantastic. It’s hard to imagine what an improvement would look like!"

— Happy Customer - Victoria, BC