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brewing coffee

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French Press


Makes 2–4 cups
Water to coffee ratio 1:15
Recipe (2 cups): 33g:500g/ml
Recipe (4 cups): 65g:1L

    Brewing Steps

    1. Preheat the walls of your french press with hot water. 
    2. Weigh and measure your coffee according to the number of servings you desire. Then, grind the coffee coarse like sea salt.
    3. Place the french press on your scale, add ground coffee and tare (clear) the scale.
    4. When your kettle has boiled, remove it from heat for 30–40 seconds. Pour recently boiled water over the coffee. (Note: If using a scale, you can see exactly how much water you are using. Adjust until you hit your perfect coffee to water ratio.)
    5. Wait 4 minutes while the coffee extracts.
    6. Gently stir. The coffee crust on top should settle to the bottom.
    7. Push the plunger down slowly and gently.
    8. Enjoy!


    Pour Over


    Coffee: 20g
    Water: 320g

    The ratio for a V60 brew is 1:16 (1g of coffee for every 16g of water). Decrease this ratio if you would like a stronger cup of coffee. Once the water is ready, pour hot water into the filter. This removes unwanted paper taste and warms up your carafe.

    On a scale, measure 20g of coffee and place it into the hopper of the grinder. We recommend starting with a medium grind size, which is in-between table salt and coarse sea salt. Place a scale under your brewer. Add in the ground coffee and give it a slight shake to level out the grounds. Make sure the scale reads 20g of coffee before you tare it.

      Brewing Steps

      1. Start by pouring 50g of water in a circular motion. Wait 30 seconds. This allows the gases to escape, filling the room with a delightful aroma. When approaching 30sec, get ready to pour again.
      2. Pour an additional 150g of water, reaching 200g, including your 50g bloom. Remember, gentle and circular motions are all it takes. Once you reach 200g, take the V60 and swirl it a little.
      3. Wait for 10-15 seconds before pouring the rest of the 120g of water. When you've reached the total amount of 320g, finish it with a swirl.
      4. Wait for the last few drops to come through the brew.


      As you brew your pour-over, the target time is about 3 minutes to drip out.

      • If your grounds are too coarse, the time will be shorter, and your coffee will taste sour.
      • If your grounds are too fine, you'll notice a longer brew time and a bitter taste on your palate. Adjust and enjoy!



          Chemex 6-cup brewer
          Coffee: 36 grams
          Water: 600 grams
          Time: 2:45 - 3:30
          Brewing steps
          1. Heat water to a boil and let sit for 30 seconds to cool slightly. 
          2. Insert filter into Chemex and rinse to prewarm.
          3. Grind (medium) and pour coffee into filter.
          4. Slowly add 600ml hot water and allow for coffee to rise up and brew.
          5. Allow for all water to drain through filter.
          If the final time was longer than 4 minuets adjust grind slightly courser. Make small adjustments until the perfect balance is achieved. 




          Grind: medium (in-between table salt and coarse sea salt)
          Brew Time: 2 min
          Water Temp: 94C / 200F
          Water to coffee ratio: 1:16
          Recipe: 16g:240g/ml

            Brewing Steps

            1. Place the filter in the Aeropress cap and give it a quick rinse to remove any paper taste from your coffee.
            2. With the filter in the cap, twist it into place on the end of the brewer and place it over your mug.
            3. Add one scoop (16g) of ground coffee to the brewer, and pour the hot water over the coffee until the brewer is half-filled.
            4. Quickly stir the coffee and water together and then fill the Aeropress up until the water level is level with the number 4 on the side of the Aeropress.
            5. Place the rubber stopper just inside the barrel of the Aeropress, above the level of your coffee and water. This will create an airtight seal and keep the coffee from dripping through the filter. Wait 1 min.
            6. Press the plunger down slowly to filter your coffee.
            7. Enjoy!

            espresso machine icon



            Double Shot: 17g of finely ground coffee makes 36-40g of liquid espresso. This takes 20-30 seconds to pull.

            Grind: Fine (in-between fine flour and fine table salt).

              Brewing Steps

              1. Dose 17g of coffee into your double basket, tamp with pressure until you feel the espresso fully compressed.
              2. Flush machine group head for 1-2 seconds, wait for water drips to stop and insert portafilter.
              3. Start brew and timer at the same time. Stop the shot about 2g before your target weight; the remaining 2g will drain from inside the portafilter basket.


              If the shot is too fast: grind finer to slow down the extraction. If the shot is too slow, your grind is too fine. Attention to water temperature, pressure, grind, extraction time and last but not least, coffee quality and freshness will give you a beautiful shot full of crema and great taste!

              flair espresso

              Flair Espresso

              If you bought the new Flair Espresso maker, follow the instructions on this video from Flair:


              Auto Drip

              Brewing Steps

              1. For a full 8 cups of coffee, we recommend 70g of coffee.
              2. Start with a medium grind (in-between table salt and coarse sea salt) and adjust later depending on taste.
              3. Lightly tap the basket to make sure the coffee bed is flat and evened out before placing it in.
              4. Fill up the water tank and begin your brew.


              Perfecting a cup of coffee is simple. If it tastes watered down, add a little bit more coffee. If it tastes sour, make the grind size a little finer and if it's coming out bitter, make the grind size coarser. Don't change things too drastically with any variable you decide to alter. Minor adjustments are all it takes to make a great cup of coffee.