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The name Galloping Goose comes from a trail near our home in Victoria, BC, Canada. The Galloping Goose Regional Trail is a 55-kilometre trail between Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and the ghost town of Leechtown, north of Sooke. The trail forms part of the Trans-Canada Trail and intersects the Lochside Regional Trail.

In the coffee lands, migratory birds (like geese) are vital to a healthy ecosystem. As a result, we source great coffees from remarkable people in amazing places.


Hugo Ciro is a Colombian-Canadian. As a child growing up in the mountains of Colombia, Hugo picked coffee on his family's farm and learned first-hand the culture of coffee production. After studying economics in Minnesota and working in finance in California, Hugo started a coffee company in Victoria, B.C. called Level Ground Trading. Hugo led the company for 22 years delivering 29% average annual sales growth. More importantly, Hugo developed a formula for negotiating coffee purchases from six origins, resulting in farmers receiving premium prices for their coffee. This formula provided transparency and accountability for all stakeholders in the supply chain while paying farmers the best price. Each year, as part of this arrangement, an average of $300,000 was invested in coffee farming communities as direct fair trade premiums, on top of the up-front payment to farmers for their coffee. In the early 2000s, Hugo also started a non-profit foundation called Famicafe, in Spanish: Fundación Familias Cafeteras. Famicafe invests in rural education, empowerment and entrepreneurial ventures in coffee farming communities. Through Famicafe, Hugo was the incubator of the first organic and fair trade certified dried fruit company in Colombia: Fruandes Ltda. Today, Fruandes provides vital, fair income to fruit growers and employment for over 50 workers in the plant in Ibague, Colombia. Hugo and his wife have two children and love to travel together. Hugo is an avid cyclist and can often be seen cycling down "The Goose" trail in Victoria.

Jordan McAlonan has over ten years of experience in coffee. As a coffee equipment technician and coffee quality 'geek.' His passion for delivering a great coffee-tasting experience is evident in everything he does, from fixing super-automatic espresso machines to roasting and blending coffees. Jordan and his wife have four young children. They enjoy camping on their custom-built adventure bus. Residing in Victoria, B.C. Jordan is also an avid cyclist and loves to hit the trails on his mountain bike.